Luxury gold stained glass

A special stained glass windows made in classic technique with gold plated glass.

The power of colors

A detail of a special stained glass made in grisaille technique.

Tiffany lamp "Leaf"

Detail from a custom made Tiffany lamp.

Glass fusing lamp

Tiffany lamp made with fused glass.

Grisaille technique

Glass painting in the classical "grisaille" technique.

Tiffany stained glass with tree

Detail of a large stained glass window made in Tiffany tehnique with fused glass.

Classic stained glass in progress

Elements painted in the traditional technique "grisaille", with colors and special pigments.


Adrian Piticariu

The concept of "Luxury Stained Glass" was created along with the quality of the work that we make in our 20 years-old stained glass studio for luxurious homes, public institutions and churches. Everything starts from a well-designed project as well as from the best and most expensive materials that we use to create true artworks.

Each project is unique.

Each stained glass is a true work of art, bearing the signature brand Adrian Piticariu.

From the project to the final work...

Everything starts with a custom made special and original project,

which fits perfectly into the home design and style.

After thorough realization of stained glass with the best materials and

after several firings to create all the details these is the end result.

And the final result, a special stained glass designed for that interior.

The Luxury concept it's about a custom made unique and

signed art object and great attention to detail.

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